dnscmdServerName/RecordAddZoneNameNodeName [/Aging] [Ttl] SOA PrimSvr Admin Serial#\ Refresh Retry Expire MinTTL




Specifies the name of the command-line program.


Required. Specifies the DNS host name of the DNS server. You can also type the IP address of the DNS server. To specify the DNS server on the local computer, you can also type a period (.)


Required. Adds or modifies a resource record.


Required. Specifies the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the zone.


Required. Specifies the FQDN of the node in the DNS namespace for which the SOA record is added. You can also type the node name relative to the ZoneName or @, which specifies the zone's root node.


Specifies that this resource record is able to be aged and scavenged. If this parameter is not used, the resource record remains in the DNS database unless it is manually updated or removed.


Specifies that new records are open to modification by any user. Without this parameter, only administrators may modify the new record.


Specifies the Time to Live (TTL) setting for the resource record. (The default TTL is defined in SOA resource record).


Required. Specifies the type of resource record you are modifying.


Required. Specifies the FQDN name of the server that is the primary source for information about the zone. For example, nameserver.place.example.microsoft.com.


Required. Specifies the name of the DNS administrator for the zone. For example, postmaster.nameserver.place.example.microsoft.com.


Required. Specifies the version information for the zone.


Required. Specifies the refresh interval for the zone. The standard setting is 3600 (one hour).


Required. Specifies the retry interval for the zone. The standard setting is 600 (ten minutes).


Required. Specifies the expire interval for the zone. The standard setting is 86400 (one day).


Required. Specifies the minimum Time to Live (TTL) value. This is the length of time used by other DNS servers to determine how long to cache information for a record in the zone before expiring and discarding it. The standard setting is 3600 (one hour).



DNSCMD /RecordAdd 10.10.in-addr.arpa @ SOA NS1.domain.net registry.domain.net 20 900 600 86400 3600


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